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Behavioural Economics Twitter highlights 28 Apr - 4 May 2012

Sat 28 Apr - Fri 4 May 2012

Posted weekly by @peoplepatterns, this post contains a summary of tweets noted in the past week that mentioned behavioural/behavioral economics. Where possible, re-tweets and tweets without links been removed to condense the list.

I haven't seen a week as active as this one all year!  The standout was Business Week's piece "Why Everyone Wants a Piece of Facebook's IPO: Insights From Behavioral Economics" Interestingly it seemed to get more much more Twitter action in the US than elsewhere - perhaps the Facebook IPO is bigger news there?

Tweets with Behavioural Economics (UK spelling)

Hedonomics - The (BehaviouralEconomics of Happiness..

Making notes on the main papers on personality and economics. Will be a good addition to behavioural lectures
Brain culture and Contact Centres: Getting to grips with irrational customers   economics
great piece from a friends blog on Behavioural Economics. Not my normal fayre but interesting nonetheless!

People prefer the middle option  Good to know in case of police line up! Behavioural economics, the Center Stage Effect

Behavioural  and EU  Law: Knocking on Open Doors? The Case of Art. 102 TFEU... 

Behavioural Economics applied to Behavioural Economics

Behavioural economics – understood? 
Date of 15th June fixed for one of summer workshops onbehavioural economics. Suggestions welcome

RT : Good eg of retailer using scarcity to drive demand   economics 

Timely post on behavioural economics of mortgage rates in Aust w big 4 unlikely to pass on full official cut  
 economics in research practice: experimentation the key, not just the usual evaluation mode of 
The effort/reward equation: do you have it right? 
Why everyone wants a piece of Facebook’s IPO: Insights frombehavioural economics |   

Rory Sutherland lecture on behavioural economics at The Star Cafe in Soho. I was there and learned a lot
 RT  I spoke with Ogilvy Group's ahead of 's Future Flash conference 

Interesting reading: Ogilvy's ECD on behavioural economics and marketing - 
Commuting & Wellbeing  economics

Currently listening to / compering Orlando Wood's BehaviouralEconomics webinar. It's repeated on Thursday too 

Ogilvy's Rory Sutherland: the marketing model has failed to evolve with technology and new platforms. 

Interesting example of how to use  in qual design from Susan Bell Research 

Your dirty talk about behavioural economics is almost enough to ... 
The language of marketing and research is stacked againstbehavioural economics  [by me]

Final presentation in our Behavioural and Experimental Development Economics seminar series takes place today. Join us!
Effort vs reward: a simple equation to maximise customer conversion  behavioural economics (new post)

Akerlof presidential address from few years back on behaviouraleconomics and solutions to main puzzles in macro
Lifting the lid on financial advisers - double blind trials, behaviouraleconomics and a hint of tabloid sting:

How we are blinded by the banks: In contrast, behaviouraleconomics, which draws on insights from psychology, pr...

Round-up of presentations from the recent Gallup workshop on behavioral economics in policy-making 
How to buy happiness   M.Norton didbehavioural economics studies. The answer: give things away.
Rio+20 talks 'too focused on techno fixes', UN hears: ... behaviouralchange, consumption patterns, economics, i...
New  : Behavioural Economics 
Behavioural Economics: What is behavioral economics? Behaviorial economics studies the effects of insights from ...

memo: Behavioural economics and its implications for transport (Journal of Transport Geography)
Behavioural economics: Herding the masses | The Economist

You know why I love   ...its because it accepts our humanity and doesn't judge it, in fact ...
Job Opening: Teaching/Research Assistant Behavioral Economics/ Applied Microeconomics: University of Kassel (Germany)

Video: Social against Financial norms. A good presentation onbehavioral economics

David Rollert, v.-p. UX and design is talking about behavioraleconomics. [pic]: 

Behavioral Economics 4  's 2011 Review of Literature 

Behavioral Economics Perspective on Tobacco Taxation 

Bestiary of Behavioral Economics/Activity Bias - and another ← Older revision Revisio...  
Behavioral Economics - Reference Point Adaptation in Communal Goods 
The behavioral economics behind Facebook's organ donor button:
What is the connection between behavioral economics and conversion optimization? Amazing post by  -

Daniel Kahneman is an internationally renowned psychologist whose work spans cognitive psychology, behavioral economics
Behavioral economics at work. - NPR: What's On Facebook's Mind? Organ Donation-More at 
"A marketer’s guide to behavioral economics" (or just keep watching "Mad Men")

Prof. Richard Thaler, "founding father of behavioral economics" (via )

Krugman on Behavioral Economics 
Two great talks on the importance of behavioral economics() plus a great related reading list ().

One of many ways behavioral economics affects the real economy. What makes Bernanke change his mind? 
behavioral economics | The Health Care Blog 
So behavioral economics suggests the same thing God said a few thousand years ago? Hmm. Nah, its that... 
How Behavioral Economics Reveals the Fallacies behind “Attrition through Enforcement” 
+20 too focused on techno fixes? What about human society,behavioral change, consumption patterns, economics?
Advances in Behavioral Finance Theory & Economics via 

Blick Log: Behavioral economics — an overview 

Just read this article on . Really interesting points onbehavioral econ.  via 

interesting (but long) article on Thaler's behavioral economics:

Looks like I'm ready to finish this research paper on behavioraleconomics. Who's jealous?? 

RT Economics beyond the math...  Behavioral economics  a Nobel Prize someday

Is Behavioral Economics A Threat To Limited Government? via 

How to leverage behavioral economics for better design? Some amazing insights  from 
Behavioral economics being used in government policy:

The Behavioral  of Mergers & Acquisitions | Georgetown  & Econ. Research Paper | SSRN via 
What should be the main agenda of the India BehavioralEconomics Forum this 2012? at
EconTalk: Rubinstein on Game Theory and Behavioral Economics : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive | 
Round-up of presentations from the recent Gallup workshop onbehavioral economics in policy-making 

Or why we should pay more attention to behavioral economics. MT: "The 401 K is a failed experiment"
Mark White 'Behavioral Law and Economics:The Assault on Consent, Will, and Dignity' interesting BE critique

TED talk on Intuition and behavioral economics by Dan Ariely
RT : How imprecise economic theory is & howbehavioral economics & experiments help us be less clueless
Behavioural Economics: What is behavioral economics? Behaviorial economics studies the effects of insights from ...
: Brains, Behavior & Design toolkit features 5 tools to apply behavioral economics to practice. Reviews?”

Behavioural Economics: What is behavioral economics? Behaviorial economics studies the effects of insights from...
Psychology and behavioral economics can help lead to better policy. 
Why Everyone Wants a Piece of Facebook's IPO: Insights FromBehavioral Economics - BusinessWeek (blog): Why Ever...
EVERY toy requires batteries, duh!: Do you want batteries with your cereal? 

Behavioral Economics friends, this is the greatest real-world example of the "Prisoner's Dilemma" I've ever seen. 

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