How People Patterns can work for you

People Patterns is for people who want to make a difference to their business
If you are someone who is looking for smart ways of getting more out of the customer activities you already do, then People Patterns is ideal for you.  If you are interested in old ways of doing things, then I wish you well.

Who People Patterns works with
I work with three main types of clients.
1. Businesses directly
I take what you already do with your customers and make it better. How?  By looking into every interaction your business is having with its customers and overlaying behavioural science to make tweaks and refinements.  
I specialise in improving the influence you have with your customers through marketing communications, websites, customer service and sales interactions. I'm talking about making a difference to 1% of what you do, because that's the difference between good and great. The placement of a button on your website. Whether you use % or $ in your offers.  How you structure your online customer sign-up pages.
2. Advertising and marketing agencies
Behavioural Economics is hot news in the advertising industry particularly in the UK, because it is making good campaigns even better.  I work with you on client proposals and briefs to provide another element to your strategic and creative expertise; behavioural science.  Injecting my behavioural economics framework into your process can add science to the art of communications and give your client answers to the question of "why will this work"?  
3. Market researchers
Your clients are not only interested in what people say they'll do and what they've done in the past, they want to know what they will do.  Behavioural economics is a framework you can add to your mix of techniques to get closer to predicting outcomes.  I work with you at the proposal, briefing and findings stages to add an extra dimension to the services you provide your clients.

Getting started is easy
It's easy to get started and learn more about the People Patterns methodology.  Simply email so we can spend 20 minutes or so initially discussing your business needs.  From there we can decide what is right for you.

20 minutes? You have nothing to lose so fire off an email so we can get started.

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