Saturday, March 31, 2012

Behavioural Economics Twitter highlights (24 Mar-30 Mar 2012)

Behavioural and Behavioral Economics tweets 
Sat 24 Mar-Fri 30 Mar 2012

The summary is posted weekly by People Patterns.  
This post contains a summary of tweets noted in the past week that mentioned behavioural/behavioral economics. Where possible, re-tweets h and tweets without links been removed to condense the list.

Overwhelmingly the most tweeted article of the week is from

"Nudge power. My latest for  on how behavioural economics is starting to improve society ".  If you ever doubted herding, just see the volume of retweets for an article that reaffirms the value of behavioural economics.  It makes me wonder though, whether the article was that great or whether it points to a field desperate for validation?  Perhaps by now articles like these should not be remarkable?

Tweets with Behavioural Economics (UK spelling)

RT : Panic buying petrol & behaviouraleconomics: the herd mentality of the consumer 

A Wine-Glass Full of Regret  via behavioural economics

 For those interested in how charities usebehavioural economics (& what biz can learn), here's my post

Behavioural Economics (and beyond)  via

Has the Department of Health been misusing behaviouraleconomics? : RSA blogs: The Commons health select committ...

Applying psychology and behavioural economics to the design of the cafeteria changes how people eat: