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Behavioural Economics Twitter highlights (25 Feb-2 Mar 2012)

Behavioural and Behavioral Economics tweets 
Sat 25 Feb-Fri 2 Mar 2012

The summary is posted weekly by People Patterns.  
This post contains a summary of tweets noted in the past week that mentioned behavioural/behavioral economics. Where possible, re-tweets have and tweets without links been removed to condense the list.

This week @EllyBlue rocked the house with her tweet on the behavioural economics of carsharing.

Tweets with Behavioural Economics (UK spelling)
I call this one "Influencing choice through behavioural economics"

Customer experience research & behavioural economics is no gamble, even in Vegas... 

Utilizing social psychology, cognitive psychology and behavioraleconomics would be cool: Ogilvy Launch Behavioral Arm

Making Behavioural Economics a Qualitative Reality by Ken Parker, QRCA  

Here are 8 practical behavioural economics tips for the good people working in CSR  

Finally: "Behavioural economics does not come with a rich tool box for influencing individual and group behaviour." 

Behavioural economics - design choices and nudges ... - good for those choosing this as their RES prize entry

Online - Maximising sign-ups – Some help from BehaviouralEconomics  

Read our latest article on how to maximise sign-up pages by applying behavioural principles 

New post in my blog site. Behavioural economics  vía    

Delicious: Behavioural economics and digital marketing - 3Sixty Internet Ltd:  [UX popular]

Today's Behavioural & Experimental Development Economicsseminar discusses 'Directed Generosity & Social Embeddedness'

Take notice people, more interesting things being written aboutBehavioural Economics  via 

Why more choice = less choosing when it comes to consumer decisions  (new post) Behavioural economics

Behavioural blackboards: Behavioural economics usually leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Too much of it just feels... 

RT : Why more choice equals less choosing <<but not always. Average effect 'virtually zero'

Market researchers are finally considering behavorial economics to understand individual behavior: 

How to motivate people to buy your products - an easy intro tobehavioural economics 

Why more choice equals less choosing 

The Marshmallow test:  made my day studyingBehavioural Economics
Sunday morning TED talk:  Happiness, our two selves and behavioural economics.
Great (and possibly unwitting) explanation of behaviouraleconomics and reframing in fine dining 

Faced with adverse conditions all will consistently make bad econ decisions - behavioural economics & psychology of pov

Bounded Rationality and Public Policy: A Perspective fromBehavioural Economics (The Economics of Non-Market Goods ..

So many biz screw up the sign-up process. Here are some tips fromBehavioural Economics 

Lessons Such as Behavioral Economics,Debt relief: The submit about behavioural immediate and ongoing expenses ma...

Behavioural Economics - attitudes don't shape behaviour they follow it  via 

Our Labs Scientific Advisor Alain Samson is now blogging onbehavioural economics for Psychology Today! Read here 

Tweets with Behavioral Economics (US spelling)

Entertaining take on behavioral economics & how it affects the way we treat money- painfully familiar scenarios!

Noreena Hertz: How to use experts -- and when not to | Video on |  

Tim Besley discusses how behavioral economics is transforming development in his new Foreign Affairs article. 

Attention and awareness in stage magic: 10 page paper onbehavioral economics, magic, & neuroscience

Economist who foresaw burst bubbles voices caution: Much of his recent work focuses on behavioral economics — ho... 

This is what is known in Behavioral Economics as the “Recognition Heuristic” 

Recent discoveries in behavioral economics and psychology ... | 

8 Ways to Use Behavioral Economics to Benefit Your Nonprofit
When Economies Aren’t Rational: Victor Ricciardi Weighs in OnBehavioral Finance: submitted by TrendingSideways... 

Manipulate for good. Or how to make us donate $10 for Haiti.

 says that behavioral economics can’t prevent bubbles  We think it can predict them  #8

Three  videos on Behavioral Economics from 

Forum on behavioral law and economics

Cash Is Better Than Food Stamps in Helping Poor: Edward Glaeser: Recent advances in behavioral economics illustr... 

Forum on behavioral law and economics  vía
10 minute video - behavioral economics of intrinsic motivation (no, actually, it's interesting!) 
science of behavioral economics “: Gamification + behavior modification - a winning combination 

Loss Aversion in Facebook Games (useful compilation of techniques from behavioral economics

Why more choice equals less buying  

Behavioral corporate finance is a new field in economics that recently becomes a subject of significant interest...

Behavioral Economics | B&T: 

Today's TEDTalk: Shlomo Benartzi on the behavioral economics    

The Real Reason Cities Can Be So Much Greener Than Other Places |  

How scientists taught monkeys the concept of money. Not long after, the first prostitute monkey appeared |  

Dan Gilbert - PopTech 2007 |  

The scientific argument for being emotional |  

Behavioral economics: How rational do you think you are?

Medication adherence app uses gaming, behavioral economics, rewards    

Using behavioral economics insights to improve parenting… « Mostly Economics

Behavioral economics: “Turns out, people don’t behave according to our models of rationality. Since we know our... 

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