Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Help Bri fundraise for indigenous communities

Like many Australians, I have used a busy life to protect me from contemplating the realities faced by people in our indigenous communities.  

 But now I have the opportunity to do something, and I'd like your help.  

Not-for-profit Indigenous Community Volunteers have invited 14 people on a fundraising trek of the Larapinta Trail in Central Australia in July 2012, and I am pleased to be taking part.  The trekking part is easy - Larapinta is ranked one of the 20 most beautiful walks in the world.

The part I need your help with is raising at least $3,000 for Indigenous Community Volunteers so they can continue to work with Indigenous Australian communities.

The fundraising target has been set because it costs;
  • Around $5,200 for ICV staff, volunteers and communities to complete a project
  • $355 for each ICV volunteer to attend a cultural awareness workshop before they can work in an indigenous community and
  • $180 to hold a community event to bring ICV and the community together to understand what needs to be done 

With each of the trekkers raising at least $3,000 that's $42,000 for ICV to make a substantial difference.  I will be personally funding the travel component of $2,400 and documenting my trip for those who have supported me. 

So are you able to help?  Donating is easy. Just visit my page.

A quick scan of other charity fund raising pages looks like donations range between $100 - $30, but I am most grateful for any contribution. Note that donations over $2 are tax deductible and you will receive a confirmation of your support.  

Thank you, and I am glad we can make a small difference to the lives of Australians in indigenous communities.


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