Friday, January 20, 2012

Behavioural Economics Twitter wrap-up (14-20 Jan 2012)

Behavioural and Behavioral Economics tweets 
Sat 14 Jan-Fri 20 Jan 2012
This post contains a summary of tweets noted in the past week that mentioned behavioural/behavioral economics. Where possible, re-tweets have been removed to condense the list.
The summary is posted weekly by People Patterns.

Tweets with Behavioural Economics mentioned

New post on behavioral economics up on Brain and the Juice:
 Pricing Prophets 
 I think contextual pricing is closer to behaviouraleconomics than it is to value-based pricing: think Richard...
 Victoria Gamble 
Video: 2011-12-09 Combining online and traditional qual to addressbehavioural economics (by... 
Behavioural Economics and CSR: 'Greening' the Consumer: by Matthew Guenther In my ...
 nathan miller 
Great article on the hyper-reality of using satirical behaviouraleconomics in Facebook games. 
 Steve Kemish 
Forget Behavioural Economics, now it’s Ergopsychonomics (make things easier to use, more people will use them)
Forget Behavioural Economics, now it’s Ergopsychonomics. Chris Arnold explains. 
 Behavioural economics in action: Websites pay users who meet new years resolutions  
Alan Mitchell to debunk big data multi-channel social mediabehavioural targetting & economics  
 Liam Delaney 
Running session on behavioural economics (esp time discounting) Stirling April 20th. People in UK working on this let me know if interested
 Helmut Kazmaier 
Customer experience research & behavioural economics is no gamble, even in Vegas…  via 
 research & behavioural economics is no gamble, even in Vegas…    
 Anton Rifco 
Center for behavioural economics @ NUS business school
 Hannah Ryder 
Now in a session on  & behavioural economics - we so need more  &  -like work applied 2 

Tweets with Behavioral Economics mentioned

RT   to the most downloaded articles on the Financial Crises, Behavioral Finance, Tra...
Rinker on Collectibles: How Behavioral Economics Effect Our Purchases 
 Jane Man 
Now that  is famous for his blog post on Facebook's timeline and behavioral economics, he's never going to re-follow me.
 Routledge Economics 
 to the most downloaded articles on the Financial Crises, Behavioral Finance, Transport Economics & more!
New post on behavioral economics up on Brain and the Juice:
INOMICS announces a job opening: Post-doc position inBehavioral/Experimental Economics: ECARES, Universite Libr...
First Things First! Using a behavioral economics phenomenon to establish and maintain your brand's preference. 
 Dare Obasanjo 
Behavioral economics, brands and the Facebook timeline - 
Behavioral Economics - B Venkatesh's column : Buying only what you can afford: 
The World Congress 8th Annual Executive Forum on Rewarding Healthy Behaviors: The Behavioral Economics Forum 
Sop gets a cyber first: Behavioral finance/economics intersects with Slabbed. An Aaron Broussard/Trout Point Lodge U…
 Hede Luik 
Nudge blog · Where is behavioral economics headed in the world of marketing?  via 
 john kenny 
Thx for the shout out "Marketers and behavioral economics" RT: The Social Revolution | via Yahoo! 
 Jason Zweig 
gold mine of materials for deep learning about decision-making andbehavioral economics 
Joining the dots between economics, income, health and poverty ... |  
 Ben Burgers 
«The main reason behavioral science should be part of the policy debate is that it provides in some cases a... 
 Rick Barraza 
 behavioral economics is stronger than logic by default, unfortunately. But a lot of MSFT burnout post web 2.0, but 3.0 is starting
 Darren Choo 
We tend to study preferences rather than decision process. What heuristics is the shopper using? 
 MarketTools, Inc. 
How behavioral economics leads to better market research. 
 Ron Cornell 
HealthRally Launches - Get Paid For Getting In Shape. Behavioraleconomics, incentives & social networking 
 Kurt Cordesius 
Excellent post by Carol Cone - trends for 2012 (wellbeing,behavioral economics, collaboration, etc.)  via
 Jared Grusd 
 "jared, did u see new girl with dragon tato movie?" "No, spending my time reading books on behavioral economics and computer science"
 The Alliance 
Behavioral economics at open enrollment, encouraging smart plan choice |  
talking behavioral economics at work. dang, i thought i took care of that requirement in college. this meeting better be extra credit.
 Kat Dornian 
Behavioral economics: Fascinating!
 Samuel Scott 
 Do We Really Need Behavioral Economics? YES INDEED ...  
 Matt Steichen 
Goldsmith Sibson behavioral economic health care

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