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Behavioural Economics Twitter highlights (31 Mar-6 Apr 2012)

Behavioural and Behavioral Economics tweets 
Sat 31 Mar-Fri 6 Apr 2012

The summary is posted weekly by People Patterns.  
This post contains a summary of tweets noted in the past week that mentioned behavioural/behavioral economics. Where possible, re-tweets h and tweets without links been removed to condense the list.

Pleased to say that my "10 reasons you need to know about Behavioural Economics" post got lots of re-tweet love this week .  Likewise Garth Sundem's "A Fun DIY Science Goodie" in which he writes "we’d rather burn money than share with a cheater" 

Tweets with Behavioural Economics (UK spelling)

Human characteristics that impede our work many do you recognise?   

Petrol Panic, Pump Rage and Pastygate: Economics andBehavioural Economics

Pluses and challenges of focus groups endorses key role of skilled moderator via    

Interesting thoughts on behavioural economics from Joanna Chrzanowska – the Emperor’s New Clothes? | Qualitative Mind

17/4 Brussels  workshop: Theresa Marteau on "Can nudging improve health?" 

With thanks to Chill here are Sketchnotes from my behaviouraleconomics seminar today. Thx  

Can Behavioural Economics Improve Charity, Reduce Poverty, and Save the Planet? 

Short blogpost on measuring diurnal biorhythms in research. Important issue for behavioural economics

Carrots, Sticks and Indian Motorists.  via behavioural economics

cut|copy|write post: Behavioural Meteorology: A little change of pace - we're back to behavioural economics, and...

Book club today on Ainslie's Breakdown of Will. Seminal work inbehavioural economics

Interesting from behavioural economics p.o.v. - Copying Is Not Theft  via 
Workshop 17/4 on  in Policy-Making: Rational Need or just Fashionable?  More info at
Key reasons why understanding behavioural economics is essential as a consumer of the modern, marketing-laden world.

10 reasons you need to know about Behavioural economics; welcome to the slap down count down! Prepare to be insulted
Want to get your bills paid – here’s how you can encourage on-time payment. 

Check this out!: Behavioural Theories of Power and Controleconomics

Trainee wanted in  support to new group: insights from behavioural economics applied 2 EC policy fields

Tweets with Behavioral Economics (US spelling)
A Fun DIY Science Goodie: The Behavioral Economics of Agreement (and Why Negotiations Fail) 

Shlomo Benartzi's TED talk on the behavioral economics of saving: "Save More Tomorrow"
Forget trying to get two sides to meet in the middle. Binding arbitration works because each believes it will...

 announces new behavioral  grantees, “Eight Innovative Ideas to Influence  Behavior”

Aaron Winn's paper on student end-of-month hunger is shedding new light on food stamps and behavioral economics

Behavioral Economics: how you act is influenced by what you think you wear: 

RT  Markets and targets in the English National Health Service: Is there a role for behavioral economics?

How can behavioral economics help health? New grants work the connection:

Is Behavioral Economics Really a Game Changer for Marketers? A layman's primer on how BE affects the job of marketin…

Seth's Blog: Making big decisions about money | 

Urban agriculture in Brazil’s favelas |  

Behavioral economics as laid out by Rory Sutherland in this interview 
Impressive Ernst & Young report on combining behavioraleconomics and personalized medicine h/t  

Behavioral economics is something the corporate world should look at.    

Markets and targets in the English National Health Service: Is there a role for behavioral economics? by Adam Oliver
Rory Sutherland talks to Michael Leander about marketing andbehavioral economics here 
Scaling asset-building, behavioral economics & trendy Roth IRAs? It's all in this week's News Roundup by EARN:
I liked a  video Behavioral Economics of Intrinsic Motivation
Applying Behavioral Economics for Improved Program Delivery and Greater Impact 

The top 10 reasons why you need Behavioral Economics

Behavioral Economics at work, a clever way to implement it in your HR process  

Modern Developments in Behavioral Economics: Social Science Perspectves on Choice and Decision: The book looks a...

The behavioral economics of alcohol consumption: Yale Review ...
Behavioral economics: Reunifying psychology and economics:
Employing behavioral economics in structuring financially ...
Event: 13 Apr 2012: International Conference on Business,Economics, and Behavioral Sciences, Pattaya, Thailand -
Positive psychology, behavioral economics & why GDP may not be the best measure of economic success

Talk:Bestiary of Behavioral Economics - Other and related topics: mental accounting claimed ... 

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