Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sample Behavioural Economics for Market Research presentation

I've recently been enjoying presenting seminars on Behavioural Economics to product, marketing and market research audiences.

A sample of my work is available below.  A variant of this was delivered to a market research audience, but the beauty of behavioural economics is that it creates value wherever human behaviour is, and that's everywhere!  Product design, sales, marketing communications, advertising, staff performance...the opportunity is endless.  

Why not learn more about how behavioural economics can lift your business performance by contacting for an obligation free chat? You have nothing to lose and lots of potential to gain.


  1. In almost every purchasing decision, consumers have the option to do nothing: they can always save their money for another day. That’s why the marketer’s task is not just to beat competitors but also to persuade shoppers to part with their money in the first place. According to economic principle, the pain of payment should be identical for every dollar we spend. In marketing practice, however, many factors influence the way consumers value a dollar and how much pain they feel upon spending it.

  2. Yes I agree. A dollar lost is twice as painful as a dollar gained and behavioural economics is the scientific basis marketers can use to understand and influence these outcomes.