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Behavioural Economics Twitter Highlights 26 May 2012 - 1 June 2012

Sat 26 May - Fri 1 June 2012

Posted weekly by @peoplepatterns, this post contains a summary of tweets noted in the past week that mentioned behavioural/behavioral economics. Where possible, re-tweets and tweets without links been removed to condense the list.

"The basic problem is that we care so much about fairness that we are often willing to sacrifice economic well-being to enforce it."  So writes James Surowiecki in this week's standout piece called "he Fairness Trap" in which he looks at what to do about the economic situation in Greece using principles from behavioural economics. Read more

Tweets with Behavioural Economics (UK spelling)
Nice summary of what behavioural economics can and can't do

Harnessing the power of Behavioural Economics in customer contact by Crawford Hollingworth 

A great blog to stimulate the grey cells and think about behaviouraleconomics in everything we do 

Optimize Your Conversion With Insights From BehaviouralEconomics. Great article Neal! cc: 

Dan Ariely. a light hearted view of behavioural economics . love the physician expert example.

Read my new article at  .'Behaviouraleconomics in the call centre: To BE or not to BE?'
Stumbled upon this post about behavioural economics & qual research. Includes interesting thoughts from .

The Social Versus Individual Debate Misses the Point aboutBehavioural Economics 
Metal money jars. How biz can work w our tendency to use mental accounting to save & spend  economics

WEIRD students, behavioural economics and new methods
  Behavioural Economics informal meetup 6th June if you fancy coming along 
  Use behavioural economics to understand... Service Processes as a Sequence of Events

New  rpt: . Good 2 see progressive voice 4 taking a/c of behavioural insights, not wishing them away.
 Applications of behavioural economics to tax evasion 

Mental accounting matters 
Exciting positions in Behavioural Economics at postdoc and faculty level at Queensland University of Technology

Can behavioural economics make us healthier?

An easy intro to behavioural economics.
Turning behavioural economics into policy in the Obama adminstration..more of this in the UK please !
Thanks for this behavioural economics piece,  - I think people will be really interested! 
After behavioural economics, now behavioural psychology is back in vogue - only this time self-administered 
Who is using behavioural economics?     

Cornell behavioral economics prof skeptical of 's supersize soda ban; people will rebel. 
Behavioral Economics, neuroscience and JP Morgan's huge loss via  (RT )
Behavioral Economics and Enterprise Software Sales: Who is teaching Whom? 

Behavioral economics, Animal Spirits and Managing Wall Street's 'Winner Effect' 

Why behavioral economics might be the key to achieving the Millennium Development Goals 
Behavioral economics: what it is and three ways marketers can use it. Quirks,  
    behavioraleconomics—help us make better financial decisions?via Koko!
behavioral economics encourages us to pay attention to how choices are framed |  
Behavioral economics & design principles: 2 key aspects to properly employ  to motivate behaviors:

Quick Fix Of The Day: In the May 26 Wall Street Journal Dan Ariely, a professor of behavioral economics at Duke,...
A good and light read on how behavioral economics and interaction design are entwined. Plenty of practical examples.

Behavioral Economics explains why JC Penney's new pricing structure will never work...  via 
Customer Experience | Behavioral Economics and the “Irrational” Customer  via   
The Ultimatum Game  behavioral economicsgets it wrong ... again.
: Never get tired of the strange findings of behavioraleconomics - this one is about why people cheat:” 

can ideas from behavioral economics help people cut their credit-card debt? 

I'm reading A Guide to Behavioral Economics  
The mechanics of intuition. A must view series of talks by Daniel Kahneman.    
Profile of prof. Richard Thaler, a founding father of behavioraleconomics.    (via)
For 'priming', behavioral economics and more, see Daniel Kahneman's excellent interview  via
: From a Nudge to a Shove? Will BehavioralEconomics Become a New Form of Coercion?
Why Everyone Wants a Piece of Facebook’s IPO: Insights From  
Where is behavioral economics headed in the world of marketing? via  

New Yorker -- James Surowiecki: Greece, the euro, and behavioraleconomics.: With Europe’s economic woes dominating...

The Behavioral economic case against Keynesianism: Recently, I wrote a post on behavioral economics, and I disc...

Hmmm, RT : What lessons can HC learned from JC Penny honest price disaster?  ^behavioraleconomics

I'm hooked on the application of behavioral economics in worksite wellness 
: "Economics is the Sum of all our Choices" |  

3,000 published papers & counting:  is changing research in the social sciences & behavioral economics
The Busara Center: Behavioral economics has a new testing ground in Nairobi, Kenya. 
Cameron's "Nudge" unit - the power of behavioral economics!    

Do markets crowd out morals? Forum by . Read Bowles and Gintis for behavioral economics perspective

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