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Behavioural Economics Twitter wrap-up pt 1 (28 Jan-3 Feb 2012)

Behavioural and Behavioral Economics tweets 
Sat 28 Jan-Fri 3 Feb 2012
This post contains a summary of tweets noted in the past week that mentioned behavioural/behavioral economics. Where possible, re-tweets have and tweets without links been removed to condense the list.
The summary is posted weekly by People Patterns.  This is the first part of the weekly wrap up containing behavioural spelling.  I have had to split the post into two parts for my CMS to cope (kind of).

Part 2 can be found   

Tweets mentioning Behavioural Economics (UK spelling)

 Nikki Lindzy 

Behavioural Economics and Ethics: Interrelations and Applications (Routledge Advances in Behavioural Economics a...
 Stirling EconPsych 

Several positions at lecturer and senior lecturer at Stirling. Suited to people working on Behavioural Economics
 mel bartley 

Behavioural economics

 Jean-Paul Boudreau 

Behavioural Economics 101: New lessons on how the brand can be “mapped” in the brain. Implications beyond business? Hmm
 Mark Mapstone 

 I'll let you know. But no-one has responded yet. The more I learn about it, the more interesting it sounds. 
 Rob Keefer 

Forget Behavioural Economics, now it’s 
 Michael C Angelucci 

Behavioural Economics  via
 Alex Horstmann 

Forget Behavioural Economics, now it’s Ergopsychonomics:
 richard shotton 

2009 TED lecture from Rory Sutherland - fantastic piece onbehavioural economics 

 David Oser 

Dept of MyHeadHurts: Behavioural Economics - Measures of perceived wealth  (Why not call it PsychologicalEconomics?)

Green Nudging: behavioural economics & psychology of change - 28 Feb - 

London School of Economics Behavioural Economics seminar series / theory and practice. Monthly 

Using behavioural economics via a web-based interface new banking service shows people their spending patterns 

 Joanna Sigsworth 

In MBA-land this week, Behavioural Economics. Dan Ariely asks, Are we in control of our own decisions?  <worth a look

The economist as therapist: Behavioural economics and "light"...
 Jordan Julien 
If it's not on your radar - Read this "Ergopsychonomics" - A shift in thinking -   -  (via )
LSE Behavioural Economics seminar series: The LSEBehavioural Economics seminar series is a… 
 Katie Streten 
Don’t click here to be advertised to ,  looks at behaviouraleconomics around online ads
2 Feb
 Stephen Kellett 
Great video from Dan Ariely on behavioural economics. Really interesting A vs B vs C comparison stuff at the end
 Praveen Vaidyanathan 
How choice architecture was expertly manipulated in a Japanese battle  
just another buzzword...? / Forget Behavioural Economics, now it’s Ergopsychonomics.  (via Johnny Holland)
 Sheryl Soo 
Interesting use of behavioural economics to make people go to the gym: 
 Graham Hill 
How the UK Govt is using Behavioural Economics to change citizen behaviour...  
Great to see the corrective power of science at work in behaviouraleconomics  via
"Forget Behavioural Economics, now it’s Ergopsychonomics. | Arnold on Ethical | Brand Republic" 

 Design via Mattias 
Got Ergopsychonomics?: In the BrandRepublic post ‘ForgetBehavioural Economics, now it’s… 
 UX Feeder 
Johnny Holland Mag: Got Ergopsychonomics?: In the BrandRepublic post ‘Forget Behavioural Economics,...   
India, the country that is creating some stunning examples of applied behavioural economics
Behavioural Economics and Policy Design: Examples From Singapore. Edited by Donald Low - Armed with my...
 Praveen Vaidyanathan 
Using simple behavioural  techniques to convert browsers into buyers  
 Sani Elfishawy 
Delicious: Domino's to integrate behavioural economics: [Research]
 Stirling EconPsych 
Vcancies in Stirling at lecturer and SL level. Suitable for people interesting in working on behavioural economics
Special Report - Behavioural Economics: How do cognitive, emotional factors affect the economic decisions we make?
 CIPR North East 
Be a more effective communicator with 'Behavioural Economics' Book the twilight workshop on Feb 20  
 Anna-Lee Bridgstock 
 behavioural economics in marketing - nice ideas
Behavioural economics used for good not [____]:  

Taking the shot: How to overcome our innate fear of losing
 Conor Forster 
People are irrational more often than not, politicians are worse
 Michael Zabinski 
How to NOT use  : UK's watchdog wants to ban harmful products because consumers are .
 eric enwood 
Capuchin Monkies learn to use curency in lab test:  
 Gökhan Kula 
An investor's worst enemy? Their brain..  Some central lessons of behavioural economics.. via  
 Rohit Bhargava 
You've heard of behavioural economics, but what about "delusional economics" - an unfortunate trend: 
 Development UEA 
New seminar series on how behavioural and experimentaleconomics improves our understanding of poverty and development 
At Hot Source meeting listening to matt dobbin talk aboutbehavioural economics   
 Stuart Foster 
RT: The behavioural economics of house prices: (Or - why have they stayed so high?) 

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