Friday, February 10, 2012

Behavioural Economics Twitter highlights (3 Feb - 10 Feb 2012)

Behavioural and Behavioral Economics tweets 
Sat 4 Feb-Fri 10 Feb 2012

The summary is posted weekly by People Patterns.  

This post contains a summary of tweets noted in the past week that mentioned behavioural/behavioral economics. Where possible, re-tweets have and tweets without links been removed to condense the list.

Amy Zaltman's book review of Behavioural Conflict set the retweets racing this week.

Tweets with Behavioural Economics (UK spelling)

More on   and the taxman RT: Nudge seems to having an effect 

New seminar series showing how behavioural & experimentaleconomics improves our understanding of poverty & development

Behavioural Economics Goes to War 

Don't forget our next event is how to be a more effective communicator - 'Behavioural Economics'  

"OgilvyCT: Welcome to  A new behaviouraleconomics proposition available exclusively for Ogilvy clients...

Biz in Melb, book special in-house Behavioural Economicsseminars with all proceeds going to charity. Only 6 available

It's not all about classical economicsBehavioural "Nudges" do have a sizeable impact. From BBC News: 

Behavioural economics in Restaurants; how do you read the menu? via 

Linguistic relativity meets behavioural economics: the effect of language on economic behaviour 

Debashis Basu: Behavioural economics and regulators

6 lessons in behavioural economics from the Superbowl ads-more tips 

School nutrition: Hard facts about what kids will eat -  (I love behavioural economics!)

Reviewing Behavioural Conflict, Why Understanding People and their Motivations Will Prove Decisive in Future Conflict 

The sweaty business of behavioural change 

Kahneman father of   ponders the feeble human  on economic  

Choice, Behavioural Economics and Addiction: Choice,Behavioural Economics and Addiction is about the theory, da...

One of best intros to behavioural economics imaginable. Selection of TED talks I posted on the blog

"Intuition, not reason, drives moral judgments":parallels withbehavioural economics challenging traditional economics?

Tweets with Behavioral Economics (US spelling)

Behavioral Economics & Choice Architecture: Wie man die Organspenderrate in der Schweiz verbessern kann: Mehr al...

What's behavioral economics all about? Psychology, neuroscience, sociology, politics, the law, and "reality." 

Behavioral Economics: A Demonstration Project Using BehavioralEconomics to Improve Diabetes Care

ideas42 affiliate proposes behavioral economics solution to America's borrowing crisis.  

Hooks Book Events January in Review: History, Leadership, Trust, Risk and Behavioral Economics 

How Behavioral Economics Differs from Traditional Economics

Carefully Calibrated Clawback Component. Don't got 'em? Schrage says you're "guilty of bad behavioral economics".

Behavioral economics. PT  Interesting research from Cornell re: kids and food choice... 

Behavioral Economics as a Lens for Interaction Design - event on Feb. 14   

" In the last decade, a new school has emerged, known as “behavioral economics.” This new school focuses on the...

Online Dating Now Second-Most Common Way For Couples To Meet, Study Says: Studies in behavioral economics show t...

Summer courses in University of Mainz, Germany - Summer School on Behavioral Economics 

Behavioral Economics start to creep up in central bank thinking - (pdf)

Gym grots beware! The sweaty business of behavioural change and how behavioral economics can help   (new post)

Urge app helps you keep impulse spending in check (exclusive)  

How simple answers can trump complexity: hilarious and poignant examples of behavioral economics by 
Amazing win for applied behavioral economics/#nudge Yes it works!

Are Cricketers Rational? Behavioral Economics and Cricket,

TED Talks on Behavioral Economics - A Collection via  | 

6 Lessons in Behavioral Economics from Superbowl Ads - I had a lot of conversations today about the... 

Research is the business of asking questions. The way a question is framed influences the answer. 

Behavioral Economics : Why a discount sale is exciting -

CIRA's eHealth and Behavioral Economics for HIV Prevention and Treatment Conference Registration is Open! 

Can we ever trust instinct? |  

Understand what the best creatives have always understood: That people are not rational | 

digging rory sutherland's chat on behavioral economics:

behavioral economics idea applied to the Republican race

Applying Behavioral Economics to Social Media 

Basic instinct behind many consumer choices: Behavioraleconomics, which draws heavily on psychology, has chippe...

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