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Behavioural Economics Twitter highlights (18 Feb-24 Feb 2012)

Behavioural and Behavioral Economics tweets 
Sat 18 Feb-Fri 24 Feb 2012

The summary is posted weekly by People Patterns.  
This post contains a summary of tweets noted in the past week that mentioned behavioural/behavioral economics. Where possible, re-tweets have and tweets without links been removed to condense the list.

This week I am pleased to say my piece on the behavioural economics of LinkedIn was well received as was Liberty Forum's Free to Err.

Tweets with Behavioural Economics (UK spelling)

Behavioural Economics - attitudes don't shape behaviour they follow it 

Our Labs Scientific Advisor Alain Samson is now blogging onbehavioural economics for Psychology Today! Read here 

 Behavioural Economics Event on 19 April - Call for synopses closes 29 Feb -    

Green Nudging: behavioural economics & psychology of change - 28 Feb - 

Using Behavioural Economics To Educate Consumers About via  's Wealth  

10 radical solutions to binge drinking: Includes some interesting behavioural economics thinking

Behavioural Economics - Can business competitiveness is defined by social innovation  via 

Dan Ariely on our buggy moral code,  behavioural economics  

Check out 4 lessons in Behavioural economics from LinkedIn  (new post)

RT - PP Comms Forum: AE comms should draw on behavioural   

Great, teachable example for behavioural economics, market design, and game theory:  

Facts Sheet – Behavioural economics. Download the PDF here.

Shedding the behavioural economics spotlight on researchers and clients alike. Great article 

My latest for  Learning from LinkedIn Applied behavioral economics

The dinner party kit: a bluffer's guide to behavioural economics via 

For behavioural economics/economic psychology followers George Ainslie Picoeconomics site superb  Hyperbolic discounting

8 принципов поведенческой экономики — 8 Principles ofBehavioural Economics  с помощью 

London Development agency report on behavioural economicsapproaches to worklessness 

Check out my latest story on Homo Economics - you never know it might improve your life!

Some fairly interesting behavioural economics set out by 

Tweets with Behavioral Economics (US spelling)

What is Behavioral Economics? |  

Today's TEDTalk: Shlomo Benartzi on the behavioral economics of why it's easier to say you'll save for your... 

The Background Fundamentals classes in this term of  aboutbehavioral economics, and more, are really great!

Keep your eyes out for Abel Winn and the growing field of experimental economics 

DU5TB1N: I've learned tons from Phil Kotler but not sure I agree with this very pointed view on behavioral economics... 

MT : The psychological poverty trap: Classical economics vs behavioral economics  

Factor 3's 'reading list' for books that provide the best marketing insights into behavioral economics

When to Quit: Whether it's love or work, the art of knowing when it's time to move on.  

Behavioral Economics as a Lens for Interacti...

Independent study in economics (@ Social & Behavioral Sciences Building) 

How Behavioral Economics Differs from Traditional Economics

James Geary, metaphorically speaking | Video on  | 

UDADISI: Social Entrepreneur of the day: I study poverty and prosperity, institutional economicsbehavioral eco... 

Stress Impacts good parenting : Behavioral Economics looks at parenting - anandphilip: 

Behavioral Economics of Intrinsic Motivation: One of the most basic questions I hear from managers is: How can I... 

Behavioral finance mixes psychology and economics - here is how it can influence our decisions 

Behavioral economics with monkeys: gambling for gain, punishing the selfish, and paying for sex: 

Most Projects Fail Because The Employees Working On Them Just Don't Care 

Check out 4 lessons in Behavioural economics from LinkedIn  (new post)

Are American Policymakers Using Behavioral Economics Against Us? 

Behavioral economics legend Richard Thaler misses the point. There is more to fun than over-valuing rewards! 

"Free to Err?" Douglas Ginsburg & I on behavioral law & econ and liberty at Liberty Forum 

My latest for  Learning from LinkedIn Applied behavioral economics

Behavioral Economics? What's That? cGz: .pYX 

How Target 'targets' expectant mothers and makes billions!Behavioral economics and statistics wonderkids! 

Finally connecting the dots.  economics and :  But still so much more potential !

 & Glenn Loury ("two atypical economists") discuss the future of behavioral economics: a 2010 

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